· ‘An outstandingly creative product’; said the judges

Tridonic is celebrating having received the award for Emergency Lighting Product of the Year for its EM ready2apply product at this year prestigious Lux Awards 2017. The product, which the company describes as an ‘out of the box‘ emergency lighting solution, was one of six shortlisted in this year’s awards programme. The independent panel of judges recognised the product’s innovation, in terms of both its compact format and also its inclusion of the latest battery technology, factors which set the bench mark for future emergency lighting solutions. The product uses a LiFePO (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery, which underwent extensive testing to ensure it complies with all the required performance and safety standards

Richard Strode, managing director, Tridonic UK, said; “This is a fantastic result for the entire Tridonic team. This product has been developed, tested and is now manufactured here in the UK and is a testament to the skills of our team. It has only been on the market for a few months so receiving this recognition is a real accolade.”

The company’s aim was to design a compact and easy to install product that would fit into an ever-diminishing ceiling void and through a minimal cut-out. It had to encompass sufficient power to exceed the necessary performance figures and exceed all lifetime and safety requirements. They also wanted to progress from the traditional design of using a hinged inverter or a battery in a protective sock to deliver a product that was both more aesthetic and user friendly.

The EM ready2apply also includes an interchangeable lens design to give the user a choice of how they want the product to perform without stocking separate units, the “BlackBox” monitoring gives over 40 data points, the design for manufacture reduces operation steps to provide a cost and time efficient production, and ultrasonic welding is used to finally seal the housing shut (clips took up too much space). It is available in ‘manual test’, ‘self test’ and ‘Dali’ variants.

The product is available through Tridonic’s proven network of approved distributors and more information can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6DT_B3wFx8