Based in Hammersmith, West London, Latymer Upper School is London’s leading fully co-educational school with 1,200 students. It was founded in 1624 by Edward Latymer and previous students include Hugh Grant, Imogen Poots and Alan Rickman. In order to continue offering students first-class facilities, the school recently built a brand-new, state-of-the-art Sports Centre, as well as refurbished their existing Sports Hall. They approached WL to oversee the technical installation in each of the spaces.

The project was overseen by WL’s Project Manager Jason Larcombe. He comments: “The brief given to us by Latymer was to offer a theatrical solution to the lighting of the buildings. We were approached at the very beginning; prior to the new Sports Centre actually being built. This ensured that we were able to offer our guidance every step of the way, working closely with both the architects and the school itself”.

Alex Hirst, Consultant for Latymer Upper School, comments: “For years now, Latymer Upper School has outsourced and hired technical equipment depending on the occasion. With the new Sports Centre being built, it made sense to invest in the latest equipment for these new facilities as well as update the Sports Hall. This would ensure that we had the latest technology permanently available to us on site”.

The Sports Centre features world-class facilities, with the glass front building housing a brand-new six lane pool, fitness suite and sports studio.

Jason adds: “With the new Sports Centre, we worked closely with architects and consultants to incorporate our system into theirs. For instance, the swimming pool lighting had to be IP rated due to it being an area of high humidity. Similarly, the lighting in the studios had to be flexible and have the ability to change colour. These spaces are multi-purpose and the studios can be used for anything from examinations, sport exercises and drama performances- hence it required a system that was adaptable”.

In the Sports Hall, alongside providing a new lighting set-up, WL oversaw the installation of a motor rigging system. Jason states: “One of the biggest challenges of the Sports Hall was working within the constraints of an existing structure. For instance, we had to ensure that the roof could withstand the weight of the motors and trusses. Similarly, we had to integrate our design with the overhead heating that was already in place”.

The lighting supplied by WL included the Pulsar Lighting Chroma range and ETC Colorsource Relay. The motors used were LTM LoadGuard Motors with the trusses being Prolyte H30V,whilst the audio equipment was provided by Autograph Sound. All of this was made controllable via Wireless DMX.

The Sports Centre opened in March and will be in full-use when the new school year starts next month.

Alex states: “We have worked with WL in the past and approached them for this project as we were confident in their ability to deliver exactly what was required. We are delighted with how both the Sports Hall and Sports Centre look and the potential each one now has”.

Jason adds: “With Latymer Upper School, it was about putting a solution in place that would get the most out of the various spaces. We wanted to create a set-up with longevity that the school and students could use for years to come; something we believe we did”.