Last month, the University of Bristol launched a new strategy which outlined the university’s aspirations for the next seven years. The strategy captures the collective ambition and imagination of staff and students at the university. The official launch was made at the National Gallery and White Light provided the technical support for the evening.
The University of Bristol’s strategy looks to strengthen the university’s research, global relations, digital infrastructure and sustainability. The evening also saw the unveiling of plans for a second campus in Bristol City Centre. As an approved supplier to the National Gallery, WL has extensive experience of working in all of its spaces; something which proved pivotal on this particular event.
Shrenik Singhavi, WL’s Conference Account Manager, comments: “The theme of the evening was evolution and looking towards the future. The University of Bristol were very keen to highlight the positive, exciting change that their strategy would bring. We wanted to ensure that all elements of the production support we provided, whether it was lighting, audio or staging, worked together to provide an unforgettable evening”.

As a result, WL lit the National Gallery’s iconic pillars, with a spectrum of evolving colours pathing the way inside. Similarly, the entire Portico Entrance was also lit as the 150 guests made their way inside.

The main event, which included a series of speeches and discussions, took place in the Central Hall. Within the space, WL provided the lighting and the audio system along with both the staging and backdrop which had to feature the university’s branding.

Shrenik adds: “We worked closely with Bristol University to not only decide what production support they required but how we could successfully promote their agenda throughout the evening. Messaging and branding are vital for any organisation trying to promote a particular message and we wanted to ensure these were used to their full potential on the evening”.

WL also supplied the audio and lighting in the Annenberg Court where a series of dance performances took place after the University announced its new strategy. With the event taking place in one of the busiest galleries in Europe, WL had only 45 minutes to set up and ensure everything was in place for the evening.

Lynette Oakey of Bristol University comments: “We were absolutely delighted with WL’s brilliant work. They really helped make our vision a reality and the spaces inside the Gallery looked absolutely stunning. Everyone in attendance commented on how impressed they were and we are really grateful for all of WL’s help”.