Now that the days are finally getting longer, nothing can beat spending a bright summer’s evening at home outside in the garden, on the balcony or on the terrace. Whether it’s a BBQ in the evening, a glass of wine at sunset or an afternoon pool party with friends, setting the perfect mood requires the right lighting for when the sun finally does go down: with clever lighting, you can still enjoy your time outside even after dusk.

Modern outdoor lighting can do much more than light up a garden: many of today’s all-rounders can even offer different ambient colours, double as an entertainment system or provide security features. offers the perfect outdoor lighting for every budget and need.

Decorative lighting

Stylish lighting is not just limited to inside the home. Outdoors too, lighting can be used to enhance an outside space and set a cosy atmosphere to help you make the most of your time in the garden.

Gone are the days of bulky outdoor lights – new, lightweight technology means that lights can be easily moved to be placed according to need. The Patio LED decorative light, for example, serves as a great table centrepiece when dining outside. And if there’s no power supply nearby – no problem. The portable light can also be powered by an integrated rechargeable battery, offering up to 17 hours of light, depending on the setting.

Solar lighting offers a low-maintenance solution for most gardens and outdoor spaces. With no power cords and cables necessary, they can simply be placed where needed, ready to be charged by the power of the summer sun for an easy to install and cost-effective lighting solution.

Solar lighting is available in a range of designs to suit all tastes, including the elegant Lago solar sphere, powerful wall and ground spotlights and colourful, party-ready hanging lights.

But even wired lighting can provide a moveable, flexible solution – many modern lights don’t have to be mounted in a fixed spot, but with long, waterproof cables can be easily placed throughout the garden. With long-lasting LED bulbs they can provide a durable and energy-efficient bright light. Decorative lights, such as the Octopus outdoor light, can be used to create a fun, whimsical effect throughout the garden. Featuring colourful lampshades (available separately), the frame can simply be inserted into the soil thanks to the integrated spike for a quirky addition to any garden.

Or, if you prefer to bring a sleek indoor look to your outside space, design lighting solutions such as the three-legged Barcino floor lamp or the Terrico floor lamp bring an element of style to outdoor areas too. You’ll never want to go indoors again!

Fully functional entertainment systems

The summer is also a time for celebrating – and certain outdoor lighting solutions can help you do just that! Doubling up as entertainment systems, decorative lights with integrated speakers can help reduce the number of gadgets and devices needed to get the party started and provide a weather-proof solution for all eventualities. The multicoloured Make01 LED decorative lights are a real party essential, featuring fully configurable integrated loudspeakers to create the perfect party mood.

Outdoor security and lighting

Outdoor lighting can also be used to help safeguard your property. Security lights, featuring a motion detector and camera can detect and deter would-be intruders, while providing a bright welcome for invited guests. The integrated camera LED wall lamp Elara features a wide-angle lens to monitor the desired area and deliver crystal clear images to your phone via the Lutec app for complete peace of mind.