Zumtobel Lighting has supplied a variety of luminaires for use throughout the new Turriff Primary School in Aberdeenshire, which has been built to replace the old Markethill Primary School. The brief was to create the perfect environment for the pupils and staff whilst achieving a low maintenance, energy efficient solution.

The state-of-the-art building provides increased sports facilities including a gym with courts and changing rooms, 18 classrooms, a library, a dining hall and additional needs facilities. Zumtobel’s Ecoos luminaires were chosen for the classrooms and corridors to provide all-round 360 degree light using just one light source. The MPO+ micro-pyramidal optic and perforated lateral reflectors make the luminaire sparkle like crystal, giving ECOOS a brilliant look which enhances both workspaces and transit areas. Zumtobel’s Sconfine pendants, which have also been installed in breakout corridors, combines all of the advantages of LED technology with room-determining aesthetics. As well as generating direct light, reflections are also generated in the body of the luminaire, which gives it a floating character.

Elsewhere, slimline Lincor direct/indirect LED pendant luminaires have been utilised in the nursery to give direct light guided by high-efficiency LED minicell technology and indirect light for light point dispersal on the ceiling. The LED lamps provide 50000 hours before luminous flux is reduced to 80 % of the initial value, resulting in low maintenance and the strong direct component maximises energy-savings. Ondaria circular pendants are providing uniform illumination for the school canteen, with their concave opal diffuser that curves slightly inwards for a gentle lighting effect. Zumtobel’s CLEAN LED luminaires provided the perfect solution for the kitchen, where optimum hygiene standards are imperative. In addition to a PMMA acrylic glass panel with a high-quality, anodised aluminium frame that ensures a high level of shatter protection, its microprismatic optic delivers high efficiency and standards-compliant glare-control.

Tough RAS, ball proof, surface mounted luminaires with bivergent reflector optics made of highly specular anodised pure aluminum were chosen for the sports hall for direct light distribution. Mellow Light IV in the offices provides a soft illumination similar to daylight using new, innovative prismatic optics. The operating efficiency of Mellow Light IV makes this system perfect for the illumination of low-energy buildings.

Zumtobel’s round, recessed Panos LED downlights are providing the illumination in the toilets, while low maintenance, high ingress protection Perluce has been installed in the stores for a fit-for-purpose lighting solution. Lastly, for the plant room CHIARO, an IP 65 rated linear diffuser luminaire with an impact-resistant polycarbonate housing, has been usedfor its durable and efficient properties.

AECOM oversaw the lighting project from the initial concept stage, luminaire specification and final commissioning of all of the fittings used on the project and provided the ideal solution.